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FDA Compliant!

VapeZone is doing WHATEVER it takes to be FDA compliant! The entirety of the vaping community is on board with the seriousness of being compliant to preserve this very important industry.

Georgia Smoke-Free Association Update – July 27, 2016

FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission

We at the GSFA are with you in this fight. There are so many unknowns right now and we would urge you to err on the side of caution. As we have information, we will share. Keep in mind we are not regulatory officials or lawyers and we can simply defer to our leaders on the national level.

Please stay abreast of guides and information from VTA (the Vapor Technology Association), AVA (American Vaping Association), CASAA, and SFATA. Those are our best resources for national questions.

Many vendors nationwide received CPSC inspections yesterday ostensibly for child-proof cap compliance. Our advice would be to treat ANY governmental inspector with courtesy and respect. We need to demonstrate professionalism and legitimacy from the onset: first impressions count. However, I (and I speak for myself here) would not volunteer any information beyond what the inspector specifically requests. Don’t for a minute think their visits are simply about caps. It is almost certain that these inspections are early steps in fact gathering and investigations–and will be shared with the FDA.


PLEASE, PLEASE check out the link below to continue your education about the unbelievable, money-grabbing, ALL ABOUT THE  MONEY – Big Tobacco, prostituting itself to try to stop the e-cig industry, which truly helps so, so many people take charge of their lives.  Help us save this very necessary industry, and join the fight in preserving your right to self-expression!


Why we have to support and pursue both legislative and judicial changes to the FDA deeming regulations–

FDA PMTA: Pre-market review for vapor products costs:

$814,000.00 to $1,132,870.00 per product

Product = 1 flavor in 1 nic strength and one PG/VG mix

For one flavor, Let’s say “Pineapple Express” FDA approval will require PMTA’s for every variation:

0mg nic reg pg/vg
0mg nic hi vg
3mg nic nic reg pg/vg
3mg nic nic hi vg
6mg nic nic reg pg/vg
6mg nic nic hi vg
12mg nic nic reg pg/vg
18mg nic nic reg pg/vg
24mg nic nic reg pg/vg

So to keep “Pineapple Express” on the market would cost between 7.3 MILLION AND 10.1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!


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