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“Let Them Vape

E-cigarettes provide many benefits, perhaps the two biggest being that they help smokers receive nicotine in vapor form rather than from unhealthy, cancer-causing cigarettes, and that they prevent exposure to second-hand smoke. In fact, Public Health England estimates that e-cigarettes are about 95 percent less harmful than old-fashioned cigarettes. But Obama’s strong arm FDA developed costly applications for businesses to get federal approval to sell e-cigarettes.

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes are given 12 months after the rules took effect in August 2016 to request an exemption from product approval requirements; 18 months to submit an application proving that the product already has a substantial equivalent on the market; and 24 months to submit another application for pre-market approval. They must also conduct health-based, behavioral and psychological research on the impact of their products.

“What we’ve got to do is rein it back in,” Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association president Ray Story told The Washington Post. “I certainly think that they are going to curb regulation, just to curb regulation, because it’s bad for business,” he said of the Trump administration.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is among those pushing Gottlieb to repeal those rules. As previously reported in The Hill, the chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee penned a letter to Gottlieb arguing the rules could cost manufacturers — many of them small businesses — more than $1 million to enter the business and “threaten an emerging industry as well as former smokers who have switched to vaping.”

The FDA is being challenged in court over the e-cigarette regulations, and the Trump administration has pushed back enforcement of the rules to allow Gottleib’s staff time to review them. A better move would be to just cancel them.”