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We want you to know that even though VapeZone is temporarily closed, we will ship any of your vaping needs.

Simply call us at: 770-335-8034.

We will take care of the rest.


Due to the Coronavirus, VapeZone will be temporarily closed until further notice. We are following all the information that becomes available, and will send that along to you.

Any questions ~ Call: 770.335.8034
Thank you ALL for your support. Be Safe – Stay Healthy!


VapeZone Is Doing Its Part to Help Keep You Safe In Our Store!

Under these trying times with the Coronavirus Covid-19, we want to emphasize to you that our store has taken additional measures and steps to help keep you safe and healthy.  We are constantly cleaning and sanitizing our vape bar and display cabinets, as well as other items that are regularly used in our store, such as menus being cleaned after each use.  The HVAC unit circulation is helping keep the air fresh.

The bottom line is you can visit our store and make your vaping choices with the knowledge that we are doing everything we can to keep all of us safe.

​We WILL get through this together!  When everyone does their part to mitigate this situation, it benefits each and every one of us.

Hello All VapeZone Customers! Just like you, we are closely monitoring any new develoments regarding COVID-19. Please follow all the guidelines that are being spoken to from the medical field and others; We touch so many things without giving that a second thought, but at the same time, don’t realize how unclean things are. So washing your hands more times a day than you ever thought possible is extremely important. We have spray bottles of hand sanitizer for your use. Please use them. Pay attention to how close you are to one another if and when you must be out and about. We will get through this TOGETHER!!